Phones and internet

Chapter 10 contents
Phones and cellphones
Internet access
Laptops and netbooks
Mail and addresses
Radio and TV
Press Freedom Index: Africa table

Gone are the days when you could disappear in Africa for weeks at a time, emerging sporadically to contact family and friends by reverse-charge phone call, or to pick up precious airmail letters from a remote post office. . .

Chapter 10: Staying in Touch covers the whole gamut of communications, including TV, radio, other local media and press freedom.

Laptops and netbooks

With a 3G mobile phone, you can get online in most countries, roaming with your home service provider. Data costs can mount up terrifyingly fast, however, so for most people this is only an emergency option. Alternatively, if you take a laptop or netbook, you can usually buy a local modem with SIM card (a “dongle”) to give you mobile broadband access. . .

(continues on p.150)

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