Eating and drinking

Chapter 8 contents
North Africa
West Africa
East Africa 
Southern Africa
Local specialities
Eating out
Cafés, bistros and restaurants
Street food
Buying your own food
Local drinks 
Tea and coffee
Sodas, juice, water
Alcoholic drinks

What if you’re vegetarian?

The blunt truth is that in many areas you may find the options pretty monotonous. Most people who can afford meat, eat it with every meal. Even in poorer communities, where meat is a special treat that’s not available every day, strictly vegetarian dishes are uncommon: the stock used for veggie soups and bean, tomato, cassava leaf or potato stews often comes from cheap cuts of beef, goat or mutton. . .

(continued on p.134)

What if you’re not?

It’s all in Chapter 8: Food and Drink, which also has useful rundowns on the main regional variations, plenty of info on restaurants, local drinks and alcohol, and great sidebars on how to say “Delicious” in various languages and the oddities you might want to track down – or avoid – from snails to mopane worms.

[I'd love to know what part of what animal this is. I found it 
on the shores of Lake Turkana, so presume it's something from a 
fish. It's about 150mm long. Anyone know?]
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