KCB Safari Rally 2011 – take care on those roads!

The KCB Safari Rally happens this weekend and will basically clog up much of the route between Nairobi and Namanga in Kenya– ie the northern part of the road between Nairobi and Arusha in Tanzania.

If you’re heading for Amboseli, take the new road, which entails carrying on down the Mombasa highway to Emali and then turning south to Oloitokitok.

If you’re going by public transport (ie one of the big “shuttle” buses/coaches) from Nairobi to Arusha this weekend, or from Arusha to Nairobi, then check that your bus company has made provision for the various possible road blocks and delays that may occur en route.

If you’re doing any of these trips under your own steam, three words: set off early!

Safari njema!


About Richard Trillo

I'm the author of Rough Guides to Kenya, Madagascar and West Africa, and co-author of Rough Guides to First-Time Africa and The Gambia. I was formerly editor of the African chapters of the Rough Guide to World Music. The blogs for Kenya, West Africa and First-Time Africa are a way for me to post news for readers and for readers to keep in touch with me and with info from other travellers, posting updates, news and comments. Or that's the idea. To be honest the blogs barely get any attention from me these days. I am the East Africa Manager at the safari tour operator Expert Africa and was previously a freelance writer, editor and PR consultant, and before that Director of Communications at the publisher Rough Guides.
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3 Responses to KCB Safari Rally 2011 – take care on those roads!

  1. ash says:

    Hi! Whats the status of the road via athi river, and by the way which is the better way to get to amboseli generaly, the namanga road or the emali one ?

    • Ash, the Emali road is fast and good, and currently the best route from Nairobi, though you obviously end up at the east end of the park.

      The Namanga route is still not finished, and the onward route through Meshanani gate very rough.

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