At the time of writing, our comments on p.306, completed at the turn of the year, about Libya “tiptoeing its way back into the fold of tourist-friendly countries” are a description from a Gaddafi-led era that is over – and that with hindsight was a tad optimistic.

So long as the country doesn’t become mired in a long civil war, however, its future as a place eminently worthy of exploration is assured – and the borders with Egypt and Tunisia might even stay open for travellers to drive through or travel along the Mediterranean coast or deep into the desert by public transport.  Adventurous independent travellers are already venturing from Egypt to rebel-held Benghazi.

Links we like

General People’s Committee for Tourism Official info for visitors and investors. Don’t count on this site being up for long. Portal with notes on historic sites, music, sport and culture.

LookLex: Libya Accessible guide to an exhaustive list of attractions, written by a Norwergian enthusiast.

Society for Libyan Studies News, publications and London lectures relating to recent archaelogical research.

This page last edited 9 June 2011 © Richard Trillo and Emma Gregg


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