Crime and safety

Chapter 15 contents
Avoiding city dangers
Accidentally breaking the law
Bribery and corruption
On the road
Hustlers and phony guides
Natural dangers
Sexual attitudes
Advice for gay travellers
Advice for men
Advice for women

Bribery and corruption

Bribery is indeed a way of life, but probably not yours. Increasingly, people in Africa believe they shouldn’t have to live with corruption either, and it’s beginning to lose its grip as democracy and accountability make inroads across the continent. There may not be an “African Summer” to follow the “Arab Spring” of 2011, but make no mistake: people in  sub-Saharan Africa are as fed up with corruption and mismanagement as anyone in North Africa or the Middle East.

Whatever locals do, if you as a traveller find yourself confronting an implacable person in uniform, you do not have to give in to tacit demands for money. . .

(continued on p. 215)

This page last edited 9 June 2011 © Richard Trillo and Emma Gregg


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