Nigeria ought to be Africa’s largest economy. It’s the most populous country on the continent, bursting with entrepreneurial energy, yet it trails behind smaller countries like Egypt and South Africa. Its tattered infrastructure and terrible leadership (even considering the size of the job), force most Nigerians into permanent survival mode, endured with great good humour. . .

If you don’t have to go, why not just avoid it? The fact is Nigeria contains a cultural and scenic diversity that is the equal of any other nation in Africa.  This is the land that produced inspirational visionaries such as Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka and Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. From Lagos and Ibadan in the southwest to the rain forests of the southeast corner, the mountains of the far east to the arid savanna and Muslim walled cities of the north, the country makes a big impression.

Put simply, Nigeria is worth it. . .

Avoid the obvious trouble spots, arrive with an open mind and remember – even more than in most of Africa – that this chapter only scratches the surface of a hugely rewarding country. . .

(continued on p. 344)

Links we like

1930s Southeast Nigeria Remarkable archive of photos of arts and culture from Igbo-land and around.

African Legacy Bournemouth University’s School of Conservation Sciences offers a short cut to some of Nigeria’s most under-rated (and under-visited) archaeological sites.

Everythin Literature Blog focussing on northern writing.

Lagos Live An excellent online guide for visitors to Lagos.

Motherland Nigeria Excellent all-round resource, though very out of date in parts.

NaijaBlog Stay in touch will all that matters in the fields of culture and politics with this much read blog.

Nigerian Field Society Founded in 1930, the NFS is dedicated to the human and natural history of West Africa, in particular of Nigeria. An excellent site for background and contacts.

Niger Wives Great resource for women, especially partners of Nigerian men.

NigeriaWorld The latest news from Nigeria, with headline stories and features.

Nigerian Government Includes a section on culture and tourism, a current list of Nigerian embassies abroad, and links to the websites of all the country’s main daily newspapers.

Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation Useful if haphazard selection of info and images.

Pidgin English Dictionary Comprehensive glossary of Pidgin – worth a try, even if you won’t sound like a real Naija.

Wordsbody Blog of Lagos-based writer and journalist Molara Wood.

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