São Tome & Príncipe

Bursting with tropical luxuriance, their mountainsides dotted with wild orchids and their clear waters visited by turtles, the peaceful islands of São Tomé and Príncipe have enormous potential as eco-tourism destinations. Flights and visas are pricey, however, and while there is a handful of pleasant hotels, facilities and services remain limited, leaving this remote nation in rather appealing obscurity. The favourite local sayings – léve-léve on São Tomé, móli-móli on Príncipe – sum it up: they translate roughly as “take it easy”. . .

In São Tomé Capital, as the locals call it, the seafront avenue is lined with huge almond trees and patrolled by battered yellow taxis and gung-ho gangs of motoqueiros (motorbike taxi drivers). Traders make their way into the market with giant marlin on their heads and women offer ripe tropical fruit from shady stalls, while such expats and tourists as find their way here sip locally grown coffee in Portuguese-style cafés. . .

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