From the fringes of the Sahara to the borders of the Congo basin, Cameroon takes in every African variation: equatorial rainforest, tree-scattered savanna, gaunt volcanic ranges and the highest mountain in West and Central Africa. Poised on the threshold of West, Central and North Africa, its landscapes are some of the most dramatic and diverse on the continent. . .

The domain of lowland gorillas – quite prolific in certain areas – is the far south and southeast, where the rainforest reserves of Campo Ma’an, Dja and Lake Lobéké are gradually becoming more accessible and equipped. With a Baka (“Pygmy”) tracker, you walk to a forest clearing, or bai, and set up camp at a watchtower. . .

Cycling around the 360km “Ring Road” in western Cameroon is a classic* Cameroonian adventure and an excellent way of experiencing the varied landscapes of the Grassfields region, from savanna to crater lakes and forested valley sides. . .

(continued on p. 243)

* On reflection, using the word “classic” possibly suggests that cycle-tourists do this trip all the time and have been raving it about it for decades. The numbers are actually quite small and you’ll probably be the first and last for weeks. You need have no fears of tourist hordes here.

Links we like

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Cameroun Plus Thriving portal with plenty of current info and advertisers.

WWF Cameroon Useful site for wildlife enthusiasts (WWF has a major programme in the country)

Fédération Camerounaise de Football Practically a national religion, football is one of the country’s most unifying forces.

Four Museums in Cameroon Useful site for cultural background.

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