There’s no question that Chad has great appeal for adventurous travellers but the two big blocks on travel are travel permits (required to go almost anywhere and hard to obtain for the far north) and getting around the country, beyond Ndjamena, once the rains have started. The roads, which are nearly all earth, are mostly in poor condition. Needless to say, if you choose to visit, do your security research thoroughly: landmines are a real menace in many parts of the country. . .

Zakouma National Park, Chad’s one significant conservation area, supported by the EU, is located deep in the seasonally flooded plains in the south of the country. Elephant, giraffe, buffalo, greater kudu and roan antelope are easily seen, with all the cats (lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal, serval) present, but shy. . .

(continued on p. 254)

Links we like

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Tchad Evasion Ndjamena’s main if not only tour operator, with exciting and expensive itineraries.

Zakouma Elephants 2006 National Geographic film by J. Michael Fay and Michael Nichols.

This page last edited 9 June 2011 © Richard Trillo and Emma Gregg


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