Zambia travel update

News of border crossing scams at Livingston/Victoria Falls (drivers beware).

And there’s a new requirement for travellers who have been in Zambia to have a Yellow Fever certificate issued at least ten days earlier, when entering South Africa, based on changes to the Yellow Fever map by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which is treated as the authority on these matters.

Many foreign visitors would be likely to have a YF certificate already, for crossing borders further north and in some instances as a health precaution. But for South Africans, and Southern Africa-based tourists this is new. It’s still not required for Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique or South Africaif you’re only travelling between those countries.

Presumably the authorities in all the southern African countries will apply the same YF rule to visitors who have been in Zambia, as they already do (in theory at least) to visitors arriving from, for example DRC or any other YF transmission country.


About Richard Trillo

I'm the author of Rough Guides to Kenya, Madagascar and West Africa, and co-author of Rough Guides to First-Time Africa and The Gambia. I was formerly editor of the African chapters of the Rough Guide to World Music. The blogs for Kenya, West Africa and First-Time Africa are a way for me to post news for readers and for readers to keep in touch with me and with info from other travellers, posting updates, news and comments. Or that's the idea. To be honest the blogs barely get any attention from me these days. I am the East Africa Manager at the safari tour operator Expert Africa and was previously a freelance writer, editor and PR consultant, and before that Director of Communications at the publisher Rough Guides.
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