Senegal is the biggest holiday destination in West Africa, with dozens of beach hotels north and south of  Dakar. Head north and you reach France’s first trading post in the country, the time-warped colonial capital of St-Louis. Turn south and the beaches splinter into sandbars and creeks in the delta of the Saloum River, a fine birdwatching area. . .

Senegal is a highly stratified society based on class and caste differences and dominated by its biggest tribe, the Wolof. They figure prominently in government and business and their kingdoms used to cover the heart of the country – an area now largely under fields of all-important peanuts. The Wolof control the Mouride Islamic Sufi brotherhood and you’ll see its dreadlocked, colourfully robed Baye Fall disciples all over central and northern  Senegal. . .

Basse Casamance Despite the secessionist rebellion that rumbles on (seek advice before visiting), this southern region is easily the most seductive part of the country, with flooded rice fields, dense forests, wonderful beaches and mellow local people, the Jola. . .

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Links we like

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Senegal online Plenty of practical and cultural information, as well as good links.

Senegalese government This Senegalese government website is a useful resource.

Senegalese Tourist Office Senegalese tourist office in the USA, based in Atlanta, GA.

Tourisme Sénégal Official site of the Ministry of Tourism and Crafts.

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