The only country in Africa never to have been a colony, Ethiopia, with its hallmark moor-covered mountain landscapes, rich culture and history, is different in so many ways from everywhere else on the continent that it stands as an utterly distinct destination. . .

Today, the second most populous country in Africa remains exceptionally poor, with daunting social and economic challenges. Despite other uncomfortable truths – the government has veered way off the democratic course and invaded Somalia in 2006 with US backing – it remains a safe, stunningly beautiful and intensely rewarding place to travel. . .

When in Addis, if you’re into Ethiopia’s fabulous, soulful, pentatonic pop, check out the CD shops at the Mercato and ask people who’s playing tonight in the city’s azmaribets, or music bars. . .

There’s nowhere that compares with the scale of Bale Mountains National Park: the Sanetti plateau, for example, is Africa’s biggest Afro-Alpine moor, a huge area of glaciated heathland, with stunning wild flowers after the rains. The best plan is to give yourself plenty of time and hire a guide and a pony to explore. . .

(continued on p. 278)

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