Wildlife and safaris

Chapter 11 contents
Where to see wildlife
Antelopes and other grazers
Whales and dolphins
Africa's best birding
Reptiles and amphibians
Types of safaris
Game drives
Booking safaris direct
Game walks, rides and boat trips

This is the chapter for animal nuts – enthusiasm for natural history being a major reason to visit the continent. We cover where to see the wildlife in detail – from the great apes to birds and insects, via the huge herds of Africa’s still teeming megafauna – with plenty of information on choosing a trip, game walks, safaris on horseback, and getting a good guide.

How game drives work

Heading out into the bush in a rugged vehicle with an expert guide, in radio contact with other guides, and often with an assistant to act as spotter, is the classic way to watch African wildlife. In many national parks and reserves, game drives are the only way to watch wildlife, as you’re not allowed to step outside your vehicle beyond the boundaries of your camp. . .

(continued on p.167)

If the safari goes wrong

Unlicensed or unscrupulous camping operators, mostly in the biggest safari destinations, Kenya and Tanzania, sell safaris at the very bottom of the market in a price war that undercuts the legitimate firms. You can be sure that any safari which is offered at less than US$100 per day is going to be cutting corners one way or another. . .

(continued on p.171)

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