It’s rare for travellers to return from Namibia with anything other than glowing praise – this striking, sparsely populated country has such charisma that it’s regularly voted one of the top adventure destinations in the world.

Key to its appeal is the spacious drama of its desert landscapes, where oryx – the kind of antelope Picasso might have dreamed up – pick their way over towering, apricot-coloured dunes, ostriches dash through the shimmering haze and elephants lumber along richly textured gorges. At dusk, Namibia’s huge skies mould themselves into a dizzying dome of stars. Best of all, these splendours are accessible. While you might feel apprehensive about venturing into the trackless Sahara, Namibia’s great desert regions are loosely crisscrossed with decent gravel roads. . .

(continued on p. 335)

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