The first independent country in Africa was established as a freed slave colony in the 1820s and settled with former slaves. Modelling the new nation on an American state, with fifteen counties, the settlers established an economic, legal and social structure that separated ruling class “Americans” from inferior natives or “country people”. It’s surprising that it took more than 150 years for civil war to erupt. . .

Today, Liberia’s coolest location is the weekend getaway and nascent surfing resort of Robertsport, a couple of hours’ drive up the coast from Monrovia. There are one or two low-key places to stay, and good surf at Sembehun beach, where most keen surfers simply camp. . .

(continued on p. 305)

Links we like

The Analyst Billed as “Liberia’s most analytical newspaper”, featuring up-to-date news and good editorials (website sometimes down. . .).

Friends of Liberia Ex-Peace Corps volunteers site – excellent coverage and links.

Indiana University’s Liberian Collections Comprehensive resources.

Sliding Liberia Beautifully crafted website featuring the DVD of the same title: “A story of war, peace and surfing”

Surfing at Robertsport Useful 2010 report from

United Nations Mission in Liberia

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