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British tourist, visitor and resident deaths in Africa: 325 people in 12 months out of more than 3 million British visitors

Below are the full country-by-country breakdowns of the African figures broken out of the FCO’s recent “British Behaviour Abroad” report. As explained in previous posts, the original published report contained very broad-brush data. I wanted to have the real figures, … Continue reading


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Surprised 2174 Brits died abroad of “unknown causes” in 2010: new figures from the FCO

More data from the FCO, going into further detail about the figures published in their “British Behaviour Abroad” report, covering consular activity between March 2010 and March 2011. It took so long to get a breakdown of the 62 murders that … Continue reading

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Accidents abroad: Britons killed in Africa

Full marks to the FCO press office for getting back to me so quickly on my latest request to unpick the broad-brush data in their “British Behaviour Abroad” report – this time with a country-by-country breakdown of the 386 Britons … Continue reading

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Cycling in Uganda

Bikes are such a great way of travelling in Africa – not least because you get to travel the way most local people do, under your own steam (and sweat) – that it’s not surprising it’s an increasingly popular way … Continue reading

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First-Time Africa is published on 1 April 2011

I’m delighted that the new Rough Guide: First-Time Africa will be published on 1 April 2011.

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