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British tourist, visitor and resident deaths in Africa: 325 people in 12 months out of more than 3 million British visitors

Below are the full country-by-country breakdowns of the African figures broken out of the FCO’s recent “British Behaviour Abroad” report. As explained in previous posts, the original published report contained very broad-brush data. I wanted to have the real figures, … Continue reading

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Accidents abroad: Britons killed in Africa

Full marks to the FCO press office for getting back to me so quickly on my latest request to unpick the broad-brush data in their “British Behaviour Abroad” report – this time with a country-by-country breakdown of the 386 Britons … Continue reading

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Britons murdered in Africa: very few indeed

At the beginning of this month the British foreign affairs department (the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, or FCO) released its annual roundup of “British Behaviour Abroad” covering all the cases of British passport holders needing consular assistance between March 2010 … Continue reading

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Improved security in the Sahel: military escorts dropped in northern Niger

This story about travelling in Niger, by the Xinhua press agency, “No more convoys under military escort in order to travel in the North”, is highly significant, if it’s entirely true. It says the routes radiating between Agadez and Arlit … Continue reading

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